MiniOpenLab – Open community and Hands-on approach to Sustainable Development and STEM Education

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Ακρωνύμιο: MiniOpenLabs
Πηγή χρηματοδότησης: Erasmus +
Διάρκεια: 01/09/2020 έως 31/08/2023
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Επιστημονικός υπεύθυνος: Μπράτιτσης Θαρρενός

Programme: Erasmus + (2020-1-ES01-KA201-082706)

Action: KA2 ‐ Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

The project MiniOpenLabs proposes to set-up and test a different methodology with a higher prevalence of experiential learning and relying on the collaboration between science and technology organisations, enterprises and civil society, to ensure relevant and meaningful engagement of all societal actors with science and increase the uptake of science studies, citizen science initiatives and science-based careers, employability and competitiveness.

The main goal of the project is to set-up and test an open community and hands-on approach to Sustainable Development and STEM Education of children (6-12 years old), comprising:

  • MiniOpenLabs: the MiniOpenLabs are small laboratories, open to the local community, where children, under the guidance of teachers or other educators (including parents), may engage in STEM-based projects on sustainable development.

  • Activity Book: this Book will contain a set of STEM-based projects on sustainable development that may be carried out in the MiniOpenLabs.

  • Workshops: includes creating guidelines and running different events to capacitate teachers on the MiniOpenLabs approach and to involve the local community on STEM education activities.

• Contest & Innovative Practices Booklet: this contest aims to recognise innovative practices in Sustainable Development and STEM Education in schools, giving more visibility to the need for a change in learning approaches

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