Educational Continuity 2.0

Σε διενέργεια

Ακρωνύμιο: EC 2.0
Πηγή χρηματοδότησης: Erasmus +
Διάρκεια: 01/09/2020 έως 28/02/2023
Επιστημονικός υπεύθυνος: Μπράτιτσης Θαρρενός

Programme: Erasmus + (2020-1-IT02-KA201-080039)
Action: KA2 ‐ Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

The project intends to achieve the following results:
• Define and analyze Good Practices 2020 in the context of educational continuity and distance learning, in the European context;
• Consolidate the professional profile of teachers and the educational profile of parents for didactic continuity through training courses of socio-emotional skills;
• Define tools for analyzing and evaluating the quality of distance teaching skills.
• Improve the skills of teachers and parents in the management of online teaching.
More specifically, this proposal intends to conduct a survey on innovative distance learning systems for: technology, approach and methodology; the aim is to identify good practices at European level. Through specific research tools, the activities adopted in particular during the health emergency and which have allowed the achievement of positive results both in terms of learning and strengthening the student / teacher and student / teacher / parents relationship will be identified.
To ensure the adoption of an adequate teaching system, it is also proposed to implement an IT tool for assessing the continuity of teaching; you have the possibility, therefore, to conduct an accurate analysis about the feasibility of online lessons in the school and family context, in terms of teachers' skills and resources available at school and within the family (support devices for online teaching, space, availability of parents, etc...).
In addition, it is proposed to define a toolkit to promote socio-emotional skills in the context of online teaching aimed at parents and teachers. It is a theoretical-practical tool capable of enhancing an awareness of their motivation skills in adults and, at the same time, providing useful information to support students' socio-emotional skills.

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