Tsopoglou-Gkina Despina

Supervisor: Penelope Papadopoulou

Title: Genetic concepts, representations and models in students’ and educators’ conceptions

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Papadopoulou Penelope
2) Stamou Anastasia3) P
araskevopoulos Stefanos


Scientific literacy is considered, internationally, one of the fundamental goals of education, with genetic literacy being a crucial part of it. In this framework, an extensive literature review of students’ and teachers’ conceptions on the gene was conducted, followed by a meta-analysis of 45 papers in order to trace in these conceptions the five historical models for the gene and its function; Mendelian, classical biochemical-classical, neoclassical and modern model. The findings of the meta-analysis outline systematic difficulties and misconceptions in students’ and educators’ conceptions in genetics, as well as outdated perceptions of the gene model that lacks modern aspects.

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