Bachelor Τhesis

Students can prepare a thesis under the supervision and guidance of members of the Department’s teaching staff. The application for the undertaking of a thesis is submitted to the Secretariat, after consultation with the faculty member, no later than the end of May of the 6th semester of studies or the beginning of the 7th semester. In no case can a period of less than 6 months elapse from the application of the student or student, before the submission of the thesis. The Department’s Assembly decides on the matter and appoints a second grader.

During the period of writing the thesis, cooperation at regular intervals with the supervisor is required. The project must be completed and delivered at least 15 days before the beginning of the examination period during which the students plan to receive their degree. Under no circumstances can a dissertation be assigned or submitted beyond these time limits.

Each TRS member cannot undertake more than seven theses. The thesis is delivered typed in two copies, one of which is submitted to the University’s Library, and is credited with twelve credits (12 ECTS), which corresponds to three elective courses.

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