Administrative authorities & Staff

The General Assembly of the Department consists of its Academic Staff.

Head of the Department: Sotiria Triantari, Professor in Philosophy of Education (tel. 23850 55110, e-mail:

Vice head of the department: Domna Michail, Associate Professor in Social Anthropology (tel. 23850 55124, e-mail:

Members of academic staff


Anastasia Alevriadou, Professor in Special Education (tel. 23850 55085, e-mail:

Sofia Anastasiadou,  Professor in Statistics and Educational Research  (tel. 23850 55097, e-mail:

Sofia Avgitidou, Professor in Preschool Pedagogy (tel. 23850 55087,

Konstantinos Ntinas, Professor in Linguistics and Greek Language (tel. 23850 55091, e-mail:

Ifigeneia Vamvakidou, Professor of Modern Greek History and Civilization (tel. 23850 55103,

Associate Professors

Tharrenos Bratitsis, Associate Professor in Informatics emphasizing on Educational Software (tel. 23850 55090, e-mail:

Stamatis Garagalianos, Associate Professor in Theatrical play and Education (tel. 23850 55119, e-mail:

Georgios Tzartzas, Associate Professor in History of Education (tel. 23850 55082, e-mail:

Evaggelia Kalerante, Associate Professor in Educational Policy (tel. 23850 55120, e-mail:

Triantafyllos Kotopoulos, Associate Professor in Creative Writing and Greek Literature (tel. 23850 55125, e-mail:

Nektaria Palaiologou, Associate Professor in Intercultural Education (tel. 23850 55110, email:

Pinelopi Papadopoulou, Associate Professor in Biological Education (tel. 23850 55146, e-mail:

Georgia Stephanou, Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology (tel. 23850 55107, email:

Assistant Professors

Efthalia Konstantinidou, Assistant Professor in Social Psychology (tel. 23850 55113, email:

Konstantinos P. Christou, Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education (tel. 23850 55158, e-mail:

Laboratory and Teaching Personnel (EDIP)

Efi Papageorgiou, Education for the Book (tel. 23850 55014, e-mail:

Evdoxia Kotsalidou, Contemporary Pedagogy. Theoretical Approaches and Applications in Education (tel. 23850 55142, e-mail:

Klio Semoglou, Physical Education (tel. 23850 55050, e-mail:

Christina Sidiropoulou, Teaching Methodology and Practice (tel. 23850 55133, e-mail:

Anna Vakali, Creative Writing (tel. 23850 55152, e-mail:

Nikolaos Tamoutselis, Art Education (email:

Tasos Zoupides, Science Education (tel. 23850 55134, e-mail:

Technical Personel

Georgios Semertzidis (tel. 23850 55059, e-mail:

Adminisrtative staff

Eleni Fotiadou (tel. 23850 55100, email:

Nikolaos Mironidis (tel. 2385055102, e-mail:

Konstantinos Efthimiadis (tel. 23850 55101, email:

Research Committee

Ilias Indos, tel. 23850 55150

International Relations and Educational Programmes Office

Erasmus Administrative Co-ordinator

Maria Koutzakoutsidou
International Relation Office
University of Western Macedonia
Agios Dimitrios Park, 50131, Kozani, Greece
Tel. +302461056212
Fax +302461056303

Erasmus Coordinator

Konstantinos P. Christou,
tel. + 30 23850 55158,

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