Facilities, Laboratories and Libraries

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities is housed in newly built and renovated buildings, which housed the former Pedagogical Academy of Florina from 1984 until its closure in 1989. These facilities are located three kilometers outside the city of Florina on the national road Florina – Niki – Borders.

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities currently has: Amphitheatre A’, Amphitheatre B’ with a capacity of 300 and 150 people respectively and 21 classrooms. Of these, one was named “Theodoros Kastanos Hall”, in honor of the pedagogue who acted as deputy director of the Pedagogy School in Florina from 1929 to 1932, while another one bears the name of the pedagogue Emmanuel G. Sarris, deputy director from 1951 to 1956.

Also, the following have been established and operate in the Early Childhood Education:

  • Laboratory of Science Education Didactics and Production of Teaching Material,
  • Laboratory of Language and Language Teaching Programmes,
  • Laboratory of Educational Software of Early Childhood,
  • Laboratory of Education for the Books entitled: “Vivliologion”,
  • Classroom – Laboratory of Arts,
  • Classroom – Music Laboratory,
  • Gym,
  • Library of School Textbooks,
  • Study Hall,
  • Library,
  • Archive of the Pedagogical Academy

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