General information for students

Living in the city of Florina

Florina is situated on the frontiers with Albania and Republic of North Macedonia.  Its population is approximately 15.000 people.  A visitor to Florina would by all means be rewarded for the long and at some places uphill, lonely trip, he or she took, merely by the fact that he reached the country with the greatest number of lakes: the Siamese Prespes, Vegoritis (lake of Ostrovo), Petres, Zazari and Himaditis, not to mention some small and hidden ones.

A stroll on the banks of Sakoulevas river with the numerous ateliers of Floriniot artists among Macedonian and neo-classical houses, is indicative of the life-style in Florina during both the past and the present time.  The riverside area has exclusively been the historical, commercial and social centre of the town.  The neo-classical and the Macedonian style buildings have formed a traditional, absolutely harmonious setting.  That stroll could take the visitor to the east of the town, to the exceptionally composed Archaelogical museum, (prehistoric, hellenistic and byzantine era), standing next to the railroad station.

Florina is the town of painters and sculptors.  Other museums are: Museum of Modern Art, FolkloreMuseum, Floriniotes Painters’ Art gallery and Aristotelis Art Gallery.

One should visit Florina in all four seasons in order to appreciate its natural beauty.  Apart from Prespes lake which is a national park, created to protect rare bird species, one should also visit the near by villages Agios Germanos and Psarades for their old churches and rock paintings respectively, Agios Achillios, a very small island of extreme beauty and archaelogical significance, Vigla – Pissoderi for its beauty and skiing centre, “Arktouros”, the centre for the protection of bears in the region of Amynteon, Agios Panteleimon which lies in the banks of Lake Vegoritis and so many other traditional villages.

Cost of living

The amount of 300-500 euros is needed approximately for every student per month.

Bus service
There is a bus line that connects the city center with the University Campus, running working days (Monday to Friday). You can find the bus stops on the map. Tickets are available at the Student’s Cafe (cost 1.2 euro / 0.6 euro student fair).

Taxi service
The cost from the city center to the university campus or the hotels is less than 5 euros, and can be shared with up to four people.

Getting There

By train or bus

Florina is Located about two hours long from Macedonia airport (Thessaloniki).

There is a bus line, No 78, which connects Macedonia airport with the Train station and the Bus Station where you can get a correspondence train or bus to Florina.

The train schedule can be found on https://tickets.trainose.gr/dromologia

The bus schedule can be found on https://www.ktelflorinas.gr/schedules

By car

There are two ways to travel from Thessaloniki to Florina. The first is via the old Thessaloniki -Edessa – Bitola National Road (170 Km). From Thessaloniki centre (‘Dimokratias Square’ or ‘Vardaris’) take the west direction (to Edessa), follow the signs to ‘Edessa’ and then to ‘Florina’.

The second way is via Kozani and the new Egnatia road (200 Km). From the Port take the south/south-west direction to ‘Katerini’. After the ‘Malgara’ tools turn right following the signs to ‘Veria’ and ‘Kozani’. Just before ‘Kozani’ turn right following the signs to ‘Florina’.

Climate conditions about the weather in Florina can be obtained on www.meteo.gr

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