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Bilateral Agreements

Erasmus Charter Charter University of Western Macedonia

Institutional Erasmus Code: G KOZANI02

Erasmus Policy Statement

International Relations and Educational Programmes Office

Erasmus Administrative Co-ordinator

Maria Koutzakoutsidou
International Relation Office
University of Western Macedonia
Agios Dimitrios Park, 50131, Kozani, Greece
Tel. +302461056212
Fax +302461056303

Erasmus Coordinator

Vasiliki Pliogkou, Assistant Professor

Information for incoming students  with the Erasmus+  programe

Admission/registration procedures

Registration for the winter term in the Department is held between the 1st and 30th of September and for the Spring term between 1st and 31st of January.  For Erasmus students registering for a shorter than a term time, registration will be held at the time of their arrival.  However, previous acceptance of their study visit by the Departmental co-ordinator as well as completion of the learning agreement forms are prerequisites for the registration.

Erasmus students are regarded as home students. This means that they have the same obligations and rights as Greek students, that is:

  • free registration and attendance in the School,
  • a discount card for urban and trans-urban transportation,
  • European card of health insurance and hospitalisation and medication free of charge,
  • Low cost meals in the student’s refectory,
  • free accommodation in the university students’ hall (in case there are vacancies).

Students, attending relevant Departments at Universities abroad, are encouraged to submit for their enrolment in the Erasmus programme at the Department of Early Childhood Education.  To support incoming students from European countries to study in our department, we offer courses also in English, especially for the Erasmus incoming students.

Main university regulations (notably recognition procedures)

Basic prerequisite for Erasmus students is being students at relevant Educational Departments / Schools abroad.  Students’ performance is assessed with grades as follows: 9-10: excellent, 7-8: very good, 6: good, 5: lowest passing grade, 0-4: fail.  The results of the exams are announced by the instructor and are forwarded to the secretary of the department in fifteen-day time since the date of the exam.  Neither re-examining, nor revision is permitted.  A re-sit examination is offered in case of failure of a great percentage of students (85%).  For students attending educational programmes abroad – like Erasmus, the time of the programme corresponds to the time of studying at the specific semester in their home institutions.  Their grades are valid after being modified according to the above mentioned marking scale.


Once we have received the student’s application form, the student may ask for information about the housing opportunities that could be reserved for him/her (at least a month before arrival). It is necessary to indicate the arrival date on the application form since the lodging will only be available on the mentioned date. Any change in the arrival date should therefore be communicated one week in advance.

University Dormitory

There are two main possibilities:

  1. To obtain a place at free student housing for either Fall or Spring Term. You should complete and send the accommodation form until end of May of the previous year.  This is because there are limited places at the University Dormitory and home students who study full-time usually have priority in taking these free places.
  2. To obtain a place at the University Erasmus “house”. This is a small house situated in the campus, with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, furnished, with bed linen.  The monthly cost for this is 50 euros per month.  This symbolic rent includes bills and heating.

Hotel rooms

Special prices are guaranteed for Socrates-Erasmus students in the following prices, per night:

  1. Lingos hotel: single room 50 euros, double room 50 euros (breakfast included)
  2. Filippeion hotel: single room 25 euros, double room 50 euros (breakfast included)
  3. Filareti hotel: single room 25 euros, double room 35 euros (breakfast included)
  4. Hellinis hotel: single room 20 euros, double room 35 euros (breakfast included)

The hotels provide the students with blankets and bed linen and they are the best and possibly the only solution (for the time being) for students visiting for a time period shorter than a full academic year or a semester.  Students will have access to the student refectory twice daily free of charge and this will probably compensate the cost of living in a hotel.

Shared Flats

There are private flats, rented by the owners directly to the students. Flats rented by separate rooms are uncommon, therefore, the rent must be paid in total to the owner (approximately 200 euros per month, even less for a small studio). The electricity, water and telephone expenses are not included in the rent and will have to be paid separately to the owner. There are flats that are offered fully furnished, semmy furnished or not at all furnished. This might be a solution for students staying for a whole academic year or at least for six months. Our Department may provide some advice on privately rented property available.

Students with dependents

The majority of property available to accommodation services is for single people only. Students seeking accommodation for dependents, such as spouse and children, should ensure that this is mentioned in detail in the accommodation form. Do not attempt to bring dependents to Florina without first securing accommodation. Due to the limited availability of family accommodation, this process may prove time consuming and very difficult.

Students with special needs

Students with special needs are required to submit details of any information which may affect the type of accommodation suited to their particular needs together with the application for help in finding accommodation.

Deadlines for submitting the accommodation forms are:

for Fall and Spring semester: 30thMay of previous year



Erasmus students can take advantage of their status as home students, including breakfast and two free meals per day, including weekends, at the dining hall of the university. Alternatively, Florina has many cafeterias and restaurants, where students may have snacks (approximately 3 euros) or lunches/dinners, if they wish, in reasonable prices (approximately 4-10 euros).

Medical facilities

All students who participate in any of the European Educational Programmes are provided with the European card of Health Insurance which covers (free of charge), outpatient care, in patient hospitalization and medication. An ID Health Insurance card is provided, similar to the home students, effective for the entire period of their attendance in the University.

Facilities for special needs students

There are only basic facilities available for special needs students in our university, but there is still much to be done and we are working on this direction.

Language courses

The only current possibility for Socrates-Erasmus students who wish to prepare themselves in the Modern Greek language is the Modern Greek Language School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  This School offers intensive modern Greek language courses, which take place from September 15th to October 15th and from the beginning of February until the beginning of March.  In the above mentioned monthly programmes, apart from Greek language, students are taught elements of Greek culture.  There are three levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced), each lasting for four teaching hours per day, five days per week.  At the end of the course, a certificate of course attendance is issued.  Moreover, Socrates students have the opportunity, if they wish, to take part in the winter and spring programmes of the Modern Greek Language School.

(For further information contact School of Modern Greek language, AUTH, 54006 Thessaloniki, tel: +30 231 0 997571 and +30 231 0 997572, fax: +30 231 0 997573).

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