Educational and professional goals

According to article 2 of P.D. 544/1989, article 5 of P.D. 99/1993 and within the context of the University’s mission (article 1 of Law 1268/1982) the Department’s mission is to:

  • cultivate and promote Educational Sciences through academic and applied teaching and research,
  • provide graduates with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for their scientific and professional careers and development,
  • contribute to the raising of the level of education and to the coverage of needs in matters of Pedagogy,
  • contribute to the confrontation and solution of pedagogical problems in general,
  • help to address the need for continuing education and continuing training, and
  • award a degree, which gives holders the opportunity to be appointed as teachers in Kindergartens.

Specifically, the undergraduate programme of the Department of Early Childhood Education has been designed to ascertain:

  • the academic training of the graduates in order to confront critically their pedagogic and teaching work and to be able to proceed in autonomous research aimed at the production of new knowledge (kindergarten teacher-scientist) and
  • their theoretical and practical education, in order to fulfil successfully and responsibly their pedagogic and teaching work (kindergarten teacher -professional).

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