Structure of Studies

(Based on article 24 of Law 1268/82, article 9 of Law 2083/92 and article 1 of Law 2188/94)


The undergraduate course of study of the Department of Early Childhood Education of Florina includes semester courses, undergraduate training in the collaborating kindergartens and optional thesis. The course of study is constructed in such a way that at least eight (8) semesters of study are required to obtain the degree. The distribution of courses in the eight semesters is indicative and not binding for the students.
The courses are distinguished, according to their:

  • binding nature in compulsory core, compulsory optional and free optional courses
  • objective of teaching them in introductory, basic training and deepening
  • content, in the fields of:
  1. Research Methodology
  2. History of Education and Training
  3. Philosophy and philosophical prerequisites of education
  4. Psychology and psychological conditions of treatment
  5. Social Sciences and Research in Education
  6. Special Education
  7. Pedagogy
  8. Organization and Management of Education
  9. Linguistics
  10. Literature
  11. Informatics
  12. Mathematics
  13. Environmental Education
  14. Science
  15. Aesthetic Education
  16. Music Pedagogy
  17. Theatrical Education-Theatrical game
  18. Motor Education
  19. Teaching Methodology and undergraduate training
  20. Foreign language
  21. Pediatrics.


Detailed information is provided in the Department’ s Study Guide.

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