Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the University of Western Macedonia was established by an Act of the Rector (ΑΔΑ ΨΚΨΣ469Β7Κ-ΓΧ9) according to article 47 of Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 114 / Α/ 4-8-2017) and:

  1. Ensures the observance and application of the rules of ethics by all members of the Institution as well as detects violations of the rules of ethics;
  2. Examines matters within its competence either automatically or after a written report-complaint of students, Faculty members, members of Special Teaching Staff, Laboratory Teaching Staff and Special Scientific and Teaching Staff, researchers, visiting teachers and administrative staff in order to detect any violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics or other relevant incidents following the Rector’s order.


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