Associate Professors

Stamatis Garagalianos, Associate Professor in Theatrical play and Education (tel. 23850 55119, e-mail:

Mr. Stamatis Gargalianos is an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Macedonia, Department of Early Childhood Education. Holder of a PhD degree in Social and Economic Sciences at the Dauphine University of Paris-France.  He obtained two Master’s Degrees (D.E.A.) in the Sorbonne Nouvelle (PARIS-III) and Pantheon (PARIS-II) Universities. He has also graduated from University of   Macedonia (Thessaloniki-Greece) and Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris-III in Paris-France. He has written many articles and books on pedagogical, theatrical and social issues and he has participated in several international conferences. He is a theatre and cinema director.

Konstantinos P. Christou, Associate Professor in Mathematics Education (tel. 23850 55158, e-mail:

In 1999 I graduated from the Mathematics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2001 I did a MSc research program in Mathematics Education, at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2009, I completed my doctoral dissertation entitled “Conceptual Change in Mathematics – The Case of Algebra” and received a PhD in Basic and Applied Cognitive Science, from the Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

My current position is Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the Early Education Department of the University of Western Macedonia. I also teach Mathematics Education in Post-Graduate Programs.

My general research interests are in learning and teaching mathematics. Specifically, I study issues of cognitive development of mathematical concepts and most often I focus on development of the concept of number. I am particularly interested in the ways the concept of number is understood and developed from very early on in life until the end of high school and adult living. Also, my research focuses on the ways in which we can intervene didactically to enhance learning mathematical concepts and address certain misconceptions students often have with mathematical concepts. Personal webpage:

Georgios Tzartzas, Associate Professor in History of Education (tel. 23850 55082, e-mail:

Associate Professor of History of Education

Research interests: The development of educational ideas and educational systems in Europe and Greece from the New Epoch to Postmodernity, Historical Anthropology, Humanistic Knowledge.

Visiting researcher: Free University of Berlin, Department of Educational Sciences, (Dec 2005 – Febr. 2006); Institute of Education, University of London (October 1998 – January 1999)

Research-Fellow: International School of Higher Studies “The sciences of Culture”

Collegio San Carlo di Modena, Modena, Italy (January 1998 – December 2000)

Previous positions: Researcher – Centre for Educational Research, Athens;  Institute for Educational Policy, Athens. Lecturer: University of Crete, Department of Primary Education Hellenic Open University

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