Tsapara Maria

Supervisor: Bratitsis Tharrenos

Title: Designing a digital augmented board game based on STE(A)M education for Sustainable Development

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Bratitsis Tharrenos
2) Fesakis Georgios
3) Koutromanos Georgios


This PhD thesis aims to explore the pedagogical use of board games, as a tool for STE(A)M education for sustainable development, motivating learning and thinking of preschool children to understand issues related to problems in the natural world around them. Utilizing board games as a pedagogical tool offers new ideas and approaches to teaching. It is proposed to design and create a digital augmented board game, based on STE(A)M education for sustainable development. Students as game designers will have the opportunity to cultivate collaborative and creative skills. At the same time, during the implementation in the classroom, it will be explored whether the educational use of the board game can cultivate students’ attitudes, perceptions and beliefs about sustainable development.

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