Samartzopanou Eftychia

Supervisor: Tharrenos Bratitsis

Title: Utilizing the benefits of digital storytelling and gamification for the creative teaching of basic Computer Science principles

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Tharrenos Bratitsis
2) Georgios Fesakis
3) Zacharoula Smyrnaiou


This dissertation will contribute to the research for the development of a sequence of innovative activities that can frame the curriculum for the teaching of Informatics in Compulsory Education. Innovative activities will bring subjects in contact with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Language, enhancing competencies (knowledge, skills and behavior) in the above areas.

Specifically, digital storytelling and role-playing games will be designed that deal with computer programming with emphasis on basic data types, object-orientation, data structures, cultivating mathematical and logical thinking using rhymes. Subjects will acquire an initial, but structured and comprehensive understanding of the basic functions of the computer, in a perspective of technological literacy and recognition of Information and Communication Technology, while developing broader skills of critical thinking, ethics, social behavior and mood for activation both individually and in collaboration with other individuals or as members of a team (DEPPS Informatics).

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