Plala Αggeliki

Supervisor: Stamatis Gargalianos

Title: Theatrical education in voluntary youth pedagogical movements: The case of the Greek Scouts

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Stamatis Gargalianos
  2. Μaria Dimaki-Zora
  3. Μaria Kladaki


Scouting is a worldwide voluntary, non-political, educational youth movement. Since its foundation, the mission of Scouting worldwide has been to contribute to the education of young people. To achieve this mission, Scouting applies its own Scouting method which is aimed at children aged 7 years and above.

The present research proposal focuses its attention on the study of the scouting method and its characteristics, on the determination of its scientificity and on the determination of its suitability for the ages of the children it is addressed to. In this study we will try to highlight the ways in which the Greek Scout Corps uses the Arts and primarily Theatre Education as a means of achieving its pedagogical objectives. In addition, the examination of the effectiveness of the Scout pedagogical method and the demonstration of its influence on underage members are the objects of the research.

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