Papalampropoulou Maria

Supervisor: Michail Domna

Title: The dimensions of the well-being and resilience of women and health professionals, in the conditions of perinatal grief and fetal loss in pregnancy

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Michail Domna
2) Giaouri Stergiani
3) Papoutsis Dimitris


this research is to evaluate and investigate the factors that affect women’s ability to adapt and cope with the trauma of perinatal loss, to meditate the adversities and difficulties of the perinatal grief process, as well as the women’s ability to deal with the trauma after the perinatal or fetal death. The Stakeholders’ research will be an attempt to explore the emotional change, concerns, and the need for psychoeducation of health professionals who are the first to come into contact with mothers after perinatal loss.

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