Papadopoulou Athina

Supervisor: Kalerante Evagelia

Title: Investigation of the content of Psychology and Sociology Manuals taught in Greek Military Αcademies: Textive Speach and Symbolic Systems

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Kalerante Evagelia
2) Giavrimis Panagiotis
3) Nikolaou Maria – Souzana


This thesis is an effort to analyze the content of academic books and manuals of Greek military academies, which deal with humanitarian values, which contribute to democratic education of their students, namely the courses of psychology and sociology. The purpose of the study is to detect humanistic concepts, such as indicatively, issues of political rights, democracy, social gender issues, migrant policy and refugee issues, social inclusion, etc., but also to analyze all textive speech and symbolic systems.

The theoretical framework of the PhD dissertation consists of: a. Psychology and Sociology in Education, Military Sociology and Psychology, B. Political sciences in armed forces, political sciences in education, c. Education in Armed Forces and C. Democracy and education. The research framework of the Doctoral Thesis consists of the analysis of the content, focused on the humanitarian values, all of the psychology and sociology academic books and manuals of the Greek military academies.


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