Ntinolazou Christina

Supervisor: Papadopoulou Pinelopi

Title: The Ideas-Cosmos – Evidence model as a tool for designing Teaching Learning Sequences for the teaching of Biological subject areas

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Papadopoulou Pinelopi
2) Spyrtou Anna
3) Zoupidis Anastasios


One of the most important current trends that increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning in Science Education is the design of Teaching Learning Sequences (TLS). Different theoretical frameworks have been developed that describe and analyze the design processes of a TLS. One of them, the Ideas – Cosmos –Evidence model, according to the present proposal, could be used as a tool to design and increase the effectiveness of TLS for the teaching of thematic areas of Biology. In order to investigate the above claim, the design, implementation, evaluation and development of two TLSs is in procces, in two different thematic areas of Biology: basic concepts of Ecology and Evolutionary theory, with the model I-K -Τ as a main tool that will guide the design,. Both TLSs will be internal (questionnaires, semi-structured interviews) and external evaluated (experimental group-reference group). From the results of the evaluation conclusions will be drawn about the functionality of the model, in terms of the objective under consideration.

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