Mavrofillidou Kyriaki

Supervisor: Konstantinos Dinas

Title: Pontic Dialect: Morphological analysis of common nouns in the idioms of Matsouka and Chaldia

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Konstantinos Dinas
2) Marina Tzakosta
3) Asimakis Fliatouras


In the process of the elaboration of the doctoral dissertation, the research focuses on the morphological analysis of the common nouns found in the idioms of Matsouka and Chaldia, idioms of the Pontic dialect. Specifically, the deconstruction of the common nouns (the research data) into their morphemes, the identification on the kinds of their morphemes and the interpretation of the reason for the use of the specific morphemes, in order to form the word in which they are found. The processes of word formation are also highlighted. Research data are sought in written linguistic data found in archival sources and in texts that have been published, but also in others that have remained unpublished.

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