Marouli Archontoula

Supervisor: Tharrenos Bratitsis

Title: The contribution of digitally supported Narrative Coaching to Human Development and conflict management in workplace

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Tharrenos Bratitsis
2) George Iordanidis3) Alev
riadou Anastasia


Narrative coaching is a new unexplored, until recently, method in the field of conflict management in organizational environment. Its main component – tool is consisted of personal narrates where, due to appropriate guidance, the method is aiming to support the person in distinguishing himself from the events of the conflict, to filter the initial story and finally to create and establish improved relationships. In this thesis, the focus is directed towards researching the effectiveness of Narrative Coaching in the prevention and resolving cases of organizational conflict and, generally, in enhancing the development of human resource, by applying digital tools.

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