Kyriakopoulou Anna

Supervisor: Vassiliki Pliogkou

Title: Inclusive Education: Gender identities and LGBTQI+ issues.

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Vassiliki Pliogkou
  2. Stergiani Giaouri
  3. Christos Tourtouras


This study seeks to investigate issues of inclusive education in matters of identity, expression, gender characteristics and sexual orientation at school. Specifically, it focuses on the perspective of teenagers on the above issues and on the role of teachers in cultivating an inclusive culture in the school community. The inclusion of teenagers with the above characteristics is a complex issue in the light of the human rights of the LGBTQI+ community, as it is a vital process for creating a welcoming and democratic environment, which recognizes and values the different social identities of all students. In this context, empirical research will be conducted, with questionnaires and semi-structured interviews (methodological triangulation), so as to investigate the issue under study in a valid, reliable and in-depth manner. The sample is formed on the one hand by students studying in Secondary Education and on the other hand by teachers working at the corresponding level, by executives and education consultants.

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