Koutrouba Irini

Supervisor: Maria (Mariza) Georgalou

Title: Identity Constructions of Migrants to and from Postmodern Greece in the 21st Century: A discourse-centred online ethnographic approach

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Maria (Mariza) Georgalou
  2. Anastasia Stamou
  3. Nikolaos Gogonas


The immigration as a phenomenon is registered linguistically and semiotically – more and more often – in social media. Because of this fact, in the proposed thesis the following targets are set: the critical analysis of linguistic and semiotic choices and practices, as reflected in the online discourse and the discourse produced through interviews of 1st generation adult immigrants from European and non-European countries to Greece and Greeks to various countries around the world, how these choices lead to the construction of ethno-cultural identities in relation to prevailing cultural conditions and the study of the uptake of identities by online recipients, with the ultimate goal of the emergence of the way of decoding the texts (Hall, 1980). The importance of the proposed thesis lies in the fact that it focuses on the identity construction of national identities, so it looks at a specific aspect of identity, taking into account the perspective of immigrants towards Greece and from Greece. The discourse-centred online ethnographic approach is adopted as a data collection method (Androutsopoulos, 2008/2013). Finally, for the analysis of the linguistic and semiotic choices, the sociocognitive approach of Van Dijk (2020) is chosen, which assists the interconnection of microstructures with shared ethnic ideas and sociocultural macrostructural knowledge.

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