Kiki Magdalini

Supervisor:  Evaggelia Kalerante

Title: Educational structures and work disciplines in the operational level: Evolutionary educational policies and labour practices in the PPC(DEH) of Western Macedonia

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Evaggelia Kalerante
  2. Nikolaos Sarianidis
  3. Christina Karakioulafi,


The thesis examines as a case study the company of PPC(DEΙ, DEH) of Western Macedonia. It seeks to investigate the role of education in the training schools of PPC in direct relation to  the business objectives and economic development strategies of the company.  the company. It is selected to analyze the educational structure: curricula, training resources, internships, etc., in order for the educational structures to be analysed to the dynamics of the economy as it is politically and politically defined national policy, European and international policy, and internationalisation economic components.

The education of young people in the region, at micro level, addresses issues of youth culture and work objectives where the young people are identified as a working unit in a specific place, where the present and the future are condensed in locality.

The ever-accelerating digitalisation of the processes of the modern age – an age characterized by rapid developments in every field of technology of the information technology – determines, as can be seen from our proposed thesis, the  corporate management and training processes.

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