Katsarou Vasiliki

Supervisor: Vassiliki Pliogkou

Title: Sexual Education in the Greek educational system: Investigating the interpretative perceptions of the educators, parents and the involved stakeholders

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Vassiliki Pliogkou
  2. Evaggelia Kalerante
  3. Maria Gkasouka


Recent decades have seen an increased focus on sexuality education internationally as a means of improving gender equality, human rights and the well-being of individuals – especially children and young people. Many international organizations recognize that all children and young people should have access to age-appropriate sexuality education. At the same time, a significant body of research shows that comprehensive sexuality education enables children and young people to develop accurate and age-appropriate knowledge, positive values, attitudes and skills that contribute to safety and healthy, positive relationships.

This study will focus on helping to bridge the gap between the fears that parents may have about the provision of sexuality education by schools and the barriers teachers report in providing it. In addition, the research will try to help define the subject areas and learning objectives relevant to different age groups and educational levels.

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