Karipi Spyridoula

Supervisor: Alevriadou Anastasia

Title: Teaching Basic Grammar Structures of Greek Sign Language: Intervention Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pre-school and School Age students.

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Alevriadou Anastasia
2) Griva Eleni
3) Antoniou Alexandros-Stamatios


Until recently DHH students did not learn grammatical structures and did not deepen their linguistic and meta-linguistic knowledge of GSL. Teachers have little or no theoretical linguistic training of GSL, are not proficient in GSL and there is no recorded grammar of GSL.

This is an ongoing research, and the initial results from the implementation suggest a sound, cohesive and successful pedagogical    practice for deaf children to learn Greek Sign Language which will support them to learn written Greek.

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