Gkanatsiou Margarita Aimilia

Supervisor: Triantari Sotiria

Title: Mediation as a communication tool in the administration of universities.

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Triantari Sotiria
2) Velentzas Ioannis
3) Tzartzas Georgios


Conflict is a process that creates negative associations. Conflict resolution refers to rhetorical techniques, and reflects the personality and role of the mediator – orator. The purpose of this thesis is to highlight how University Administrations spend time to resolve various forms of conflict, starting from the individual conflict they experience making a decision, to dealing with and devoting time to the conflicts that arise and the impact on the well-ordered operation of the institution, aiming to positive relationships based on productivity and balance. Administrations , having the role of leader-mediator, must delimit the crisis and choose a series of actions considering the “benefits” that can result by using or creating tools so that conflict develops into a functional and effective process.

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