Georgousi Athina

Supervisor: Papadopoulou Penelope

Title: Biodiversity and sustainability: A study of teachers’ and learners’ perceptions and effective teaching in the school context.

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Papadopoulou Penelope
  2. Malandrakis George
  3. Papanikolaou Anastasios


The research aims to explore the alternative perceptions of secondary school learners and teachers, regarding the concept  and dimensions of biodiversity, the importance of its preservation, its correlation with climate change and its contribution to the achievement of sustainable development. Afterwards, is aimed the design, implementation and evaluation of a Teaching Learning Sequence (TLS), which will constitute a complete educational tool, the use of which will introduce students to the multidimensional meaning of the term biodiversity. The ultimate purpose  of the Teaching Learning Sequence is to support a better quality education and contribute to the formation of responsible, critically thinking citizen, capable of participating in biodiversity protection actions and willing taking initiatives to address the challenges arising from its loss.

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