Georgiou Sotirios

Supervisor: Bratitsis Tharrenos

Title: The influence of board-digital games, using augmented reality and digital storytelling technologies to learn and understand computer science principles

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Bratitsis Tharrenos
2) Dasigenis Minas
3) Koutromanos Georgios


The game has always been a pleasant time and it has been associated with education as a fundamental pedagogical tool. Nowadays, digital games have been part and a great tool of the educational process. New ICT environments are radically changing the way people connecting, collecting, analyzing, representing, and presenting the information. This doctoral thesis will carry out a thorough literature review, investigate the current situation and identify appropriate tools and methods in the field of game-based learning. Then there will be the design, development, and construction of a board game and software that will include and interact with augmented reality and digital storytelling technologies, to understand computer concepts. Finally, the game will be applied to students and the results will be recorded and analyzed.

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