Dertouzou Foteini

Supervisor: Georgios Tzartzas

Title: Material and visual objects in education: the example of Rhodope

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Athanasios Karafillis, Associate Professor Democritus University of Thrace
  2. Antonios Smyrnaios, Associate Professor University of Thessaly


Lately, internationally, the interest in the History of Education is transferred by the leading figures and the official educational policy within the school environment to capture reality, the study of objects and interpersonal relationships and highlight the social history of the school class. The present research, joining this interpretative framework, attempts to investigate the effect of school materials and media, image and space on the educational process, the network of social relations and interactions and the formation of educational reality in the school of the last century, in a specific area, the area of ​​Thrace. Through the revival of the school routine, an attempt is made to approach the school culture of the time and to reduce it to the more widely practiced educational policy, to search for common points but also differentiating characteristics, which highlight the local educational history and the “stories” within the ” history”. Such a research perspective can highlight the local with the general, the particular school culture formed under the influence of political, social and cultural factors and give substance to objects and dimensions of school life that classical historiography has underestimated.

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