Chrysostomou Konstantina

Supervisor: Konstantinos Ntinas

Title: “Alternative forms of language teaching:  the contribution of music to preschool”

Three-member advisory comitee:

  • Konstantinos Ntinas
  • Anna Chatzipanagiotidi
  • Miltos Logiades


The purpose of this doctoral dissertation is to investigate teaching practices regarding the use of music as a tool in language acquisition for children aged 3 to 6 years old. This research will focus on “how” language is taught through music to children which have not yet been introduced to literacy. The aim is to assist preschool teachers whose classes are consisted of children from many cultures, in order to make use of innovative practices, which will be explored through music, with or without words. Through these practices, teachers should be able to support these preschool children in learning Greek as their first or as their second / foreign language. Another application that will be explored, is whether participating in these musical activities, children will be able to enhance their overall language ability. More specifically, could children overcome speech and language issues, expand and improve their vocabulary, their articulation, stressing, their pronunciation and eloquence through singing.

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