Christidou Akrivi

Supervisor: Penelope Papadopoulou

Title: Concepts, Depictions and Models of Genetics and Biotechnology applications in Biology Textbooks of Greek Secondary School.

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Penelope Papadopoulou
  2. Anastasia Stamou
  3. Minas Yiangou


The main purpose of the study is to investigate: which is the conceptual structure of the genetic topics in biology textbooks of Greek secondary school, which historical models of the gene function are depicted into them, and whether the relationship between inheritance and environment refers to deterministic views. Moreover, the key features of the pictorial elements of the biology textbooks will be identified. The extent of updated scientific knowledge will be examined in biology textbooks and also its linkage to the social reality and everyday life of students in secondary school. How the structure and the content of the biology textbooks address the known educational barriers and alternative conceptions of students?

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