Chloptsioudis Dimos

Supervisor: Triantaphyllos I. Kotopoulos

Title: Creative Writing and Literary Criticism: From theory to writing experimentation

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Triantaphyllos I. Kotopoulos
2) Gina Kalogirou
3) Andreas Karakitsios


The doctoral dissertation explores the function of Literary criticism, in the new artistic conditions, attempting a conceptual and ideological approach to international and greek bibliography. A historical recursion from antiquity to the 21st century will help to examine the subspecies of literary criticism and the causes that led to the so-called “crisis of criticism”. Suggestions are made for linking Creative Writing to Literary Criticism, examining the ways in which Criticism can support an academic writer and at the same time the ways in which Creative Writing can renew literary criticism as a public discourse.

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