Chalkia Anastasia

Supervisor: Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos

Title: The setting in the hybrid model of “impersonal autobiography”: the social dimension of personal narrative

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Triantafyllos H. Kotopoulos
  2. Georgia Kalogirou
  3. Vassilios Sabatakakis


The object of this proposal is the mapping of the setting in which the autobiographical discourse of writers unfolds, who, having personal traumatic experiences as a starting point for creation, invent a hybrid literary personal genre. It is the “impersonal” autobiography, an idiological variety that is socially and politically critical, in the sense of its defensive character for the “we”, as it is projected and/or pursued through the exposure of the “I”, as these authors fight for fundamental human rights on the basis of their personal history. Our main interest is the world of the authors, as it emerges from the depth and anguish of their existence in the artistic form they give it, while their experiences offer us material for thinking and critiquing stereotypical perceptions and abusive models of relationships, with the aim of shaping and/or revising existing social rules.

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