Aravidou KyriakiI

Supervisor: Sotiria Triantari

Title: Conflict management: Leadership in the mediation process. Case study for the strategic management of public sector bodies

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Sotiria Triantari
2)Triantafyllos Kotopoulos
3)Themistoklis Lazaridis


This doctoral dissertation showcases the necessity of communication skills in the Public Sector and the role of leadership in the mediation process for high-level management or avoidance of conflicts between employees. The role of senior executives is particularly important because A. they are burdened with ensuring the proper functioning of their service, the efficiency and productivity of the project, the relations between the employees etc, and B. they often have to manage arising conflicts between employees. We analyse this role of senior executives in Public Sector organisations in the theoretical context of this dissertation, and in the research part we try to detect to what extent, if at all, people in leadership roles in public bodies, who are often required to mediate various conflicts: A. know the basic principles of mediation, B. use the models and techniques of mediation, and C. have the abilities and skills of a mediator.

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