Afentaki Maria

Supervisor: Palaiologou Nektaria

Title: Designing education policies with Intercultural Communication and Human Rights as intervention tool in formal and non-formal education

Three-member advisory comitee:

1) Palaiologou Nektaria
2) Pliogkou Vasiliki3) Ntinas


Educating students from different cultural and social backgrounds, refugees and immigrants has been an issue of great importance in Greece for years. Studying and precisely defining the attitudes and perceptions of professionals involved in the educational process regarding educational intercultural education and communication aims at the substantial transformation and communication of the educational process after having integrated several cognitive dimensions such as exploration, evaluation, self—evaluation and careful planning. The current policies, the ways of communication and cooperation will be studied and evaluated through semi-structured interviews from the executives of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affair and Migration and Asylum, so as to be improved. The main objective of the research is to contribute to the awareness, development and implementation of educational practices in Greek reality in order the whole processes to be enhanced.

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