Andreakou Irini – Zacharoula

Supervisor: Papadopoulou Penelope

Title: Development, Application and Evaluation of a Teaching Learning Sequence for the Importance of Nanotechnology in Medical Sciences to Secondary School Students

Three-member advisory comitee:

  1. Papadopoulou Penelope
  2. Spyrtou Anna
  3. Christou Konstantinos


The purpose of the research is the development and implementation of a series of teaching methods for students of Secondary Education, in the course of Biology, regarding applications of modern science, nanotechnology in medicine. Furthermore, students will get in accordance with the rising field of nanotechnology and will comprehend its basic concepts. Additionally they will understand how its growth has affected the field of medicine, as well as to develop their critical thinking. Moreover, this research will help them to understand that the development of nanotechnology, besides its benefits, has a high amount of risk for both human and environmental health.

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