Challenging of pre-schools for an innovative and creative environment

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Ακρωνύμιο: CHILD
Πηγή χρηματοδότησης: Erasmus +
Διάρκεια: 01/02/2022 έως 01/02/2024
Επιστημονικός υπεύθυνος: Μπράτιτσης Θαρρενός

CHILD project aims at providing an innovative model for strengthening skills and capacities in preschool education. The
main idea is to integrate innovative approaches to practice, dedicated specifically to a certain stratum of EU population,
and professional training by sharing best practices in favor of pre-school staff, by developing specific learning modules
and ICT tools. Preschool is one of the only environments in education where the focus is on play and creativity, rather
than intense curricular standards. Most children begin receiving formal education during kindergarten. Preschool teachers
use playtime and storytime to teach problem-solving skills, encourage social development, and hone fine motor skills.
Their main goal is to participate in a child's growth and development, learn to understand and help their students and use
a child's natural curiosity to develop a learning plan that is developmentally appropriate. Preschool teachers need to
create an atmosphere where risks can be taken and discoveries can be made all while maintaining a safe environment for
children. CHILD project partnership made desk research on the issues and needs the pre-school educators are facing in
their daily teaching, as well as the expectations of the parents, and then developed the CHILD project idea incorporating
three project results as well as a set of dissemination and training activities to achieve the project objective

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