Study facilities

The School of Education is situated in newly established and renovated buildings, where the former Pedagogic Academy used to be located (1984-1989).  The University campus is situated three kilometres away from the city centre of Florina on the national road Florina-Niki-borders. The expansion of buildings has begun since summer 1997.

The School’s facilities include:

  • Two lecture theatres (A and B) for 300 and 150 persons respectively
  • 21 teaching rooms
  • Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry
  • Laboratory of Computing
  • Laboratory of Book and Library Studies (Bibliologeion)
  • Laboratory for the Study of Language and Language Teaching Programmes
  • Plastic Arts Laboratory
  • Music Laboratory
  • Gymnasium
  • School Textbooks Library
  • Library
  • Archive of the Pedagogic Academy
  • Reading room

Florina Faculty’s library is situated at the faculty’s buildings and operates since 1990. The library’s infrastructure is continuously increasing in both Greek and international collection. There is free internet access to both libraries and data bases for all students. There is also an on-line subscription to international journals.

Sports facilities

Gym, football team and basketball team.

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